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Name: emily
Age: 18 in two days
Sex: i am a lady.
Location: henderson (soon to be memphis) TN
Ten of your favorite bands: the decemberists, mates of state, danielson famile, kind of like spitting, blondie, dead city, architecture in helsinki, tv on the radio, fugazi, the faint
Five of your favorite movies: fargo, 12 monkeys, ghost world, Harold & Maude, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, willard, videodrome, kids...that's more than five, sorry..
Promote us to at least one other community (link): "please don't cuss at me! i'm only a freshman!" -db
Why should you be a part of the awesomeness?: because i am teh sexy, and my grammatical skillz are mad crazy cool 
Where did you find teh sex?: fluffy_kitty

Word Association:
Kittens: aw.
Chicken: delicious
Britney: spears is a shameless whore, and A GREAT ENTERTAINER!
Rock: my socks off
Fwoah!: queef!

Pictures of you (3+..include a body shot):

A picture of something that would make me laugh:

A random picture of anything or anyone:

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